Lolita Dress White Multi | Mara Hoffman Womens Dresses

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Xirena Size Guides   

Clothing Size Guide
Size Bust Waist Hip
XS 31”-32” 23”-25” 34” - 35”
S 33” - 35” 25”-27” 36” - 38”
M 36”-38” 28” - 30” 39”-41”
L 39” - 40” 31”-32” 42”-43”
XL 41”-42” 33” -34” 44”- 45”
Lingerie and XWiM Size Guide
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 32 A - 34 B 24”-26” 35” - 37M
M 34 B - 36 C 27”-29” 38” - 40”
L 36 B - 38 C 30”-32” 41w-43w

Mara Hoffman Size Guides  

<td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"17 12\"","1":"44.5cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
44.5cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"49 12\"","1":"126cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
126cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"18 12\"","1":"47cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
47cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"19 12\"","1":"49.5cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
49.5cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"50 12\"","1":"128cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
128cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"20 12\"","1":"52.1cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
52.1cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"21 12\"","1":"54.6cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
54.6cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"51 12\"","1":"131cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
131cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"22 12\"","1":"57.1cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
57.1cm <td class="ks-table-cell" data-unit-values="{"0":"53 12\"","1":"136cm"}" data-unit-type="single">
Waist Length
XXS 40.6cm 124cm
S 127cm
L 130cm
2X 135cm
3X 61cm

Made in China  Produced at Fabulous Style Ltd in Hong Kong, China.    100% Organic Cotton  W…

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Made in China 
Produced at Fabulous Style Ltd in Hong Kong, China. 
100% Organic Cotton 
We source only Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton fabric, which is grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and requires less irrigation as it relies mainly on rainwater. 
Machine Wash, Air Dry 
To best care for this garment, we recommend a delicate machine cycle separately with cold water and mild soap. Lay flat or hang to air dry. Do not bleach. 
WEAR MORE, WASH LESS. Give this piece a long life.


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